You say your tours are more fun and upbeat. What does that mean?

There is no other tour like ours. On the tour, we play short bursts of music by local artists such as Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. The tour is “interactive.” The guide most likely will address you by name and ask you questions and you can ask the guide questions in return. Our guides are extremely energetic. You must keep in mind that this is more than just a tour. It’s theatre. Our guides belong to professional acting organizations and perform throughout the year in community theatre or as singers or musicians.

We are not just tour guides. We are entertainers from which you will gain a very thorough knowledge of Seattle.

How are your tours different than other companies?

Our tour is a shorter tour which really appeals to those with time constraints or short attention spans. How we differ is that we do not drive through the Pike Place Market. We feel that is something you should see on foot. We do not stop at Pioneer Square which is the old part of the city. We do not go to the government locks which is where the fish ladders are. We don’t go to the locks because the fish are only there for approximately 8 weeks during mid to late summer and though interesting, a lot of people have seen that phenomenon in other countries or states. And most importantly, we believe our tours are priced reasonably so that you can fully enjoy your vacation.

Will there be photo opportunities?

The windows are huge and allow for great shots out the window plus pictures at the one scheduled stop.

Can we eat or drink on the bus?

Eating is not encouraged but if you must eat or drink you may.

What forms of payment do you take?

Our website will take your credit card payment. Gratuity is always appreciated and can be made in cash directly to your tour guide.

Are we on the bus the whole time?

No, there is at least one “out of the coach” opportunity and possibly more.

What are the main sites we’ll see?

Most are listed on the website. Choose a tour to learn more.

Where is pick up and drop off?

We pick up at all downtown, Lake Union and University of Washington area hotels.

Is there a bathroom stop?

Yes, at approximately the 3/4 mark but we can stop at any time if necessary.

Will I see whales?

Probably not, but if we do, the price of the tour doubles.

Will I be able to smoke marijuana on the bus?

Marijuana is legal in Washington state…but there is NO smoking of any kind on the bus.

Do  I have to take my teenage children with me or can I leave them on a street corner?

You can leave them on the corner.

Will we see Bill Gates?  

Yes, if you bring your own People magazine.

Can I purchase commemorative Qwik Tour coffee mugs or shirts?

Currently, no. But that is coming.  You can buy a keychain!

Will we see the first Starbucks?

No, that is in the Pike Place Market. We do not drive through there.

If I don’t understand a joke, do I still have to laugh?

No, but that is what the cow bell is for. When you hear the cow bell..laugh.

Will there be too much cow bell?

Never. It isn’t possible.

Do we go up the Space Needle?

For the standard and pre-cruise tours – No, but we leave you there at the end of the tour and you can go up it then.

Yes – if you purchase the Top of the Needle package.

Will the tour improve my marriage?

Possibly. Again, that depends on age, gender and physical attributes.

Will my husband like the tour?

If he loves you, he will love the tour.

Is the bus air conditioned?


I’d like to charter your bus for my group, is that possible?

Anything is possible! Yes, contact us at

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