A Visit to the Starbucks Reserve Roaster


Their literature says that it was “the call of the siren” that asked them to build it. I’m certain that is true and of course their absolute passion for coffee.

I’m talking about the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery at the corner of Pike St. and Melrose Avenue, near the Seattle downtown retail core at 1124 Pike St. I was as amazed and impressed as my guests from Mexico when I walked through the front door. It absolutely dazzles. Copper, bronze, glass everything new and sparkly and of course the wonderful aroma. A 15,000 square foot shrine to coffee. As a tour and charter bus company, I can’t help but marvel at the planning that allows for a charter bus parking spot absolutely right at the door. Right at the front door. Talk about convenient especially in the Capitol Hill neighborhood where you’ll find any kind of parking at a premium. If you’re not arriving on a charter bus though, traveling there on foot or by public transportation is best.