Seattle Qwik Tour is a high energy, upbeat, no snooz'n allowed mini-coach tour of one of the best cities. It includes all of the famous sights and many that are unique to Seattle. Into the mix, we toss humor, history, facts, stats, and music. The result is an experience you may remember for a lifetime. Hop on board our tour bus, we’d love to have you on!


“Welcome to Seattle! I believe there are few things in this world that are more satisfying than providing someone with something of real value. I feel I’ve accomplished that with my one of a kind city tour.”

I’ve taken my years of experience in the industry as a city guide, Boeing Company guide and Coast Guard licensed tour guide and have distilled the essence of the city into this unique 90-minute city tour. If I’m not your guide on the day of your tour I’ll miss you but it’s because I was at the helm of my sailboat battling it out in Duck Dodge on Lake Union, volunteering at the ballet or opera or on stage with my theatre group.

I invite you now to come along with me or one of my excellent guides while we show you one of the most incredible cities in the world.


-Charles Mickelson, Owner of Seattle Qwik Tour


Fun tour of Seattle and the surrounding area

“This was a fun tour hitting a majority of the interesting sites in the Seattle area, perfect for the beginning of your stay. It will give you enough info to decide what you want to spend more time doing while you are there.” - Randy